19. November 2017
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Funded by the European Commission, Directorate General for Energy and
Transport (SAVE).

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Welcome to the PICOlight Project Website

Public Internal Performance Commitment (PICO) is an innovative concept for management and funding of energy efficiency in public buildings.

The market for energy-efficient lighting equipment has evolved significantly, yet most public buildings are equipped with out-dated lighting systems. In public bodies, there is very often a lack of investment capital for cost-effective energy efficiency investments, or other resources for developing energy efficiency projects. PICO offers a concept to overcome these hurdles.  It represents a way to enable energy-efficiency investments by in-house 'third-party' financing or energy performance contracting scheme.

The PICOLight project is promoting the use of the PICO concept in public authorities and similar institutions in six European countries. The technical focus in field-testing PICO will be energy-efficient lighting.  The measures undertaken in these municipalities allow for increased financial savings for the city and a reduced impact on the environment.

The PICOLight project is financially supported by the European Commission Directorate General for Energy and Transport under the SAVE Programme.

Click here for more information on PICO and the PICOLight project in English.

To learn more about the implementation of PICO in the participating countries, please refer to the country specific PICOLight information:

PICO (Contrat de performance interne dans le secteur public) est un concept novateur de gestion et de financement des économies d’énergie dans les bâtiments publics.

 PICO ist ein innovatives Konzept für die Gestaltung und Finanzierung von energieeffizienten Massnahmen in öffentlichen Gebäuden.

PICO é un concetto innovativo per la gestione e il finanziamento di fonti energetiche efficienti in luoghi pubblici.

PICO (Wewnetrzne kontrakty na zmniejszenie zuzycia energii w instytucjach publicznych) to innowacyjna metoda zarzadzania i finansowania inwestycji majacych na celu oszczednosc energii w budynkach uzytecznosci publicznej.

Pico-Light: en innovativ metod för att finansiera och förbättra belysningen i offentliga sektorns lokaler.


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